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Virtual Tourism by Drone

Virtual Tourism by Drone

The growing use of video recording from flying drones is opening up a new area of virtual tourism. Many drone produced videos have been posted online and now there are meta-sites which allow us to search and watch the videos based on location. In several cases the sites are linked to google maps and let us move across the map to the location we desire then select a video to watch. Soon we may be able to watch airborne videos of almost any exotic location in the world.




The Most Beautiful Drone Travel Videos of 2014 – [smithsonianmag.com]

They might have been originally designed for the military, but drones are quickly finding their future in commercial use—from helping conservationists monitor illegal poaching to carrying festive decor in restaurants. They’ve also found a home in the travel industry, creating an entirely new genre: the drone travel video.

“Drone videos give us a new perspective that we’ve never seen before,” says Jan Hiersemenzel, founder of TravelByDrone.com, a website launched in March 2014 that curates drone travel videos from across the web. “We’ve seen satellite images and we’ve seen images from the ground but in between there has been a gap, and this gap has finally been bridged. It’s a completely new view.” Before travel drone videos, filmmakers had to depend on helicopters for aerial shots—but helicopters aren’t nearly as mobile as drones, and they’re much more expensive. With drones, filmmakers can easily move from ground-level to aerial shots without the bulk or expense associated with a helicopter.


– [youtube.com]

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