The Neurosky Mindset is a headset that can pick up a variety of brainwave activity and interact with nearby software via bluetooth. This allows the user to interact with games, virtual reality environments and much more based on changes in their thought patterns.

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Begin harnessing the power of your mind with the NeuroSky MindSet headset. This Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) turns your thoughts into actions, unlocking new worlds of interactivity. By measuring your brain waves, the headset can send messages to your computer—allowing you to control the computer with your thoughts. The NeuroSky MindSet can be paired with video games, research devices or a number of other tools for an enhanced user experience.

StarWars Force Trainer

May the Force be with you!
The Force Trainer by Uncle Milton actually allows you to control a Jedi Training Remote with your mind, by tapping into cutting-edge brainwave technology. Utilizing dry neural sensor technology, the headset reads and interprets your brainwaves.

The deeper your concentration and mental focus, the greater your ability to move the Training Sphere up or down the Training Tower.

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