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Flexible Electronic Membranes In Surgical Gloves

Flexible Electronic Membranes In Surgical Gloves

Building electronic components into flexible skin-like membranes allows an array of medical sensors to be embedded into surgical gloves. Enhancing a surgeons sense of feel with important medical indicators will increase the level of knowledge and also improve precision. Collection of temperature and pressure, as well as abilities to perform ablation and deliver ultra-sound direct from the fingertips of a surgeon may become possible.

Wearable Electronics Pave Way for Smart Surgeon Gloves – [livescience.com]

New wearable electronics could become smart surgical gloves that allow surgeons to feel and do everything using their fingertips. Such electronics could even include electronic “socks” wrapped snugly around a patient’s heart to monitor cardiac health.

The idea of stretchy smart materials fitting the hands of surgeons or human hearts comes from researchers who have discovered how to transform hard semiconductors into soft, flexible electronics. A U.S.-China team has published its blueprint for designing and making smart devices that can wrap around 3D objects like the human fingertip.

The power to heal at the tips of your fingers – [phys.org]

The intricate properties of the fingertips have been mimicked and recreated using semiconductor devices in what researchers hope will lead to the development of advanced surgical gloves.

The devices, shown to be capable of responding with high precision to the stresses and strains associated with touch and finger movement, are a step towards the creation of surgical gloves for use in medical procedures such as local ablations and ultrasound scans. Researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Northwestern University and Dalian University of Technology have published their study today, August 10, in the journal Nanotechnology.

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