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AR Haptic Floor Tiles

AR Haptic Floor Tiles

Augmented-Reality Floor Tiling – [technologyreview.com]

Researchers at McGill University in Montreal, Canada have developed floor tiles that can simulate the look, sound and feel of snow, grass or pebbles underfoot. Such a tool could perhaps be used for augmented reality applications, tele-presence, training, rehabilitation or even as virtual foot controllers.

The modular “haptic” floor tiling system is made up of a deformable plate suspended on a platform. Between the plate and platform are sensors that detect forces from the user’s foot. And the plate can give off vibrations that mimic the feeling of stepping on different materials. A top-down projection and speakers add visual and audio feedback.

Contact Sensing and Interaction Techniques for a Distributed, Multimodal Floor Display – [mcgill.ca]

This paper presents a novel interface and set of techniques enabling users to interact via the feet with augmented floor surfaces. The interface consists of an array of instrumented floor tiles distributed over an area of several square meters. Intrinsic force sensing is used to capture foot-floor contact at resolutions as fine as 1 cm, for use with floor-based multimodal touch surface interfaces. We present the results of a preliminary evaluation of the usability of such a display.

Yon Visell – [mcgill.ca]

Natural Interactive Walking

Natural Interactive Walking is about enabling people to experience walking on natural ground surfaces like sand, ice, or stone in virtual reality. My research focuses on three key areas: haptic interactive device engineering, physically-based haptic and audio simulation, and human perception.

The devices we develop are distributed, intelligent floor surfaces, furnishing vibration, audio, and visual feedback to people walking on them. They provide the illusion one is walking on natural materials like sand, snow, gravel, or wood, or is interacting with virtual objects, like buttons, sliders, touch screen displays, or other control interfaces.

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