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AR Contact Lenses

AR Contact Lenses

Augmented Reality (AR) involves overlaying a display that allows the user to continue interacting with the surrounding environment while augmenting that scene with useful information. Heads up displays were a pioneer in this area, but the future of AR would seem to be in visors, glasses and contact lenses.

Using transparent circuitry and small LED display elements, contact lenses can project information directly onto the retina that appears like it is floating in our field of vision. Lenses can also magnify or focus incoming real imagery and can include sensors and circuits that provide power from light.

Google wants to power a contact lens wearable with solar power – [qz.com]

In the future, your wearables might be a bit harder to spot than an Apple Watch or Google Glass. In a patent awarded Oct. 13, Google outlined a design for a wearable communication device, replete with sensors, memory and a microprocessor, shaped like a contact lens.

This lens would at least be partially powered by what the patent calls “optical signals.” In theory, a tiny photodetector and solar cells could harvest light signals from an external source, that could then be converted into electrical power. According to the patent, this would allow the lens to be powered by camera flashes (however blinding that might be for the wearer) and ambient sunlight.

Bionic Contact Lenses and Our Future Lifestyle – [vseyeobserver.patternless.com]

Everyone’s heard of Google’s Goggles, and a few weeks ago Vision System told you about new treatments for blindness that were very promising, but have you heard about the bionic contact lenses that researchers at the University of Washington in Seattle are developing? These lenses are not to treat eye ailments (although they could do some of that too), at least not at this point but to enhance our lives much like the Google Goggles.

The bionic contact lenses go beyond what the Google Goggles do. These lenses have enormous potential in almost every aspect of our lives. These lenses are straight out of the science fiction movies, just like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character in the Terminator movie, Schwarzenegger could see people and data super imposed on them, this could be our future. This type of system is called Augmented Reality, or AR for short.

Contact lenses with built-in video could be 3D printed – [newscientist.com]

Who needs Glass when you’ve got contact lenses that can display video and even detect health problems? What’s more, lenses with these capabilities could one day be created using a 3D printer.

Most of today’s 3D printers work with scraps of plastic or metal and turn them into simple objects. But Michael McAlpine at Princeton University and his colleagues have developed a 3D printer that can make a five-layered contact lens, one which emits light into the wearer’s eyes.

The lens is a transparent polymer with several components embedded inside: nanoscale quantum dot light-emitting diodes, wiring made from silver nanoparticles, and organic polymers that could act as parts of electrical circuits.

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