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Active Living Spaces

Active Living Spaces

Over the years, our computing interfaces have become more and more interactive. From simple command lines, to graphical interfaces, to “active” graphical interfaces; they have continually become more interactive, more dynamic, more alive. Our living spaces will soon be following the same trend, becoming both more interactive and reconfigurable.

World Builder – [youtube.com]

This amazing video shows the possibilities of creating living spaces.

Travelling in a Self-Reconfiguring World – [flexibilityenvelope.com]

Self-reconfiguring modular robot (SRCMR) will make travel
transparent and almost unnoticeable. No more hassle,
stress and wasted time and at the same time
it will also make it significantly cheaper and greener by
using infrastructure investments more efficiently and allowing
the use of less fuel and energy demanding ways of travel with
the same convenience.

The basics are simple. Since your room is active and not permanently
attached, it can move itself around with you in it.

living surface trailer – [youtube.com]
high level interior design with interactive surfaces – [youtube.com]

These two short videos show some of the products being developed by Vertigo Systems.

Rooms and living spaces in a SRCMR world – [flexibilityenvelope.com]

One really amazing thing that SRCMR can
do is to totally transform our houses and apartments.
It will do so in two deceivingly simple ways.
First, it allows you to move and change your
inner walls and floor surfaces etc at will*

Secondly, it can create and change all your major furniture
pieces like tables, chairs, sofas and beds etc.

So what you say, how will this change much?
Or why would I want to move my walls around?

Graphene Walls – Walls of Graphene
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