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Trusting Robots

Trusting Robots

The article below points out that trust will be earned over time. This trust will come not from the physical appearance of the object being interacted with, but by the intelligence of the software creating the interaction. The more human-like the software interaction is, the more room there is to build trust.

How Robots Will Win Your Trust – [singularityhub.com]

What images come to mind when you think of robots?

The lifelike replicas of Blade Runner? A favorite video game character or perhaps Aldebaran and SoftBank’s quirky robot named Pepper?

Although researchers have made astounding advances in robotics, robots have yet to approach their fictionalized counterparts in many areas. The greatest of these is their ability to gain our trust.

Trust is a foundation of our society. Whether implicit or explicit, our trust in one another forms the very basis of how we live our lives. But how will that change with advanced robots and AI?

It’s naturally hard to trust something foreign and inhuman with important tasks. So how can we come to trust robots more, and does their perceived humanity play any part in our feelings?

AI Trust Issues

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