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The Soul of the Universe

The Soul of the Universe

The soul is often defined as a spiritual component, but with few specifics beyond that. The word, “spiritual” implies a lacking of physical aspects, and implies a fuzzy combination of mental, emotional, and “other” non-physical aspects. Trying to define it further usually invokes circular definition chains that lead into religious beliefs and then return to the undefined root word, “spirit”.

Emotions are based on feelings and are often not precise or even logical, but seem to serve a purpose in motivating us toward survival. Intuition is another fuzzy form of intelligence that may not have a strict cause and effect explanation but can still be valuable. Emotions, intuition, and instinct all seem to be limited forms of intelligence, but have value because they can make some survival solutions available with less calculating power. Pure intelligence is usually a reflection of calculating power, but it must be tempered and guided by ethical analysis, providing what we call wisdom.

We tend to think of spirit as a function of intelligence, where intelligence precedes spirit and creates spirit. But spirit is a creative force, not limited by physical existence or by space and time. In the progression of the development of our universe, this places spirit at the beginning, before time, space, energy or matter, and makes it the original creative force. Spirit is not a product of wise intelligence, but a precursor to it.

In this context, intelligence is an outgrowth of spirit, not the other way around. Spirit creates a framework (the universe) that develops intelligence, which is capable of focusing spirit. As the universe and its components continue to develop, they produce higher intelligence, which is more capable of focusing spirit.

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