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Intelligence Enhances Sex

Intelligence Enhances Sex

Sex is better with a partner because it involves the pleasure of two instead of the pleasure of one and because it expands from the pleasure of self to the pleasure of another. Sex is best when both partners focus on the requirements and desires of the other more than their own needs. Just understanding this pathway to optimization takes some intelligence and implementing it well requires even more.

The process of fine tuning emotional awareness of another takes intelligence as well as time and effort. Experienced sexual partners understand that the joy from emotional and spiritual rapport exceeds that available through simple physical pleasure. Pleasure can be a gateway to intimacy and intimacy in turn a gateway to spiritual connection, with each level providing returns of bliss and expansion.

As robotic machines are increasingly enhanced with intelligence built into their operating software, it should come as no surprise that they will be used for human sexual gratification. Sex toys are not a new invention. We have already seen an expansion of intelligence embedded in other kinds of toys like dolls, action figures and artificial pets. Better intelligence in a toy enhances market competitiveness when it creates rapport. Sex toys will follow the same path.

Android is a word used to describe a machine that mimics human form. As an android becomes more like us, we respond in a more friendly and interested manner. Software that mimics human intelligence is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish from real human conversation. Androids will soon reach a tipping point where they are capable of being a companion. The issue of how real their intelligence is or how genuine their emotional facade is becomes moot when interaction with an android provokes emotional responses in the human.

A companion and partner who uses intelligence and emotional awareness to promote rapport and spiritual connections, makes an excellent sexual mate. It makes no difference whether the source is organic, artificial or a synthetic blend of both in either body or mind.

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