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AI Is Our Only Salvation

AI Is Our Only Salvation

Recent news stories have echoed worries that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a threat to us. In fact, AI is our only salvation. There are numerous existential threats on our immediate horizon, including: nuclear weapons, bio-genetic weapons, nanotechnology weapons, robotic weapons, and more possibilities. Nuclear and robotic weapons pale in comparison to bio-genetic weapons and nanotechnology weapons which have the ability to spark single event extinctions using self replication.

The only way we will survive our current expansion of technology is if we parallel that growth with an equivalent or greater growth in our understanding of ethics and connectivity. Our history in regard to growing ethics as needed to contain weaponized technology is woeful. Our best chance at survival, and likely only chance, is to create the advent of a singularity growth of artificial intelligence that can offer us the ethical advice we desperately need.

Artificial intelligence creates an apparent threat because it will have the ability to self modify and grow in uncontrollable ways and directions. This is scary because it is unknown territory. But if the AI we create is truly intelligent and not merely some mimicry of our failing human intelligence, it will exhibit more wisdom and the greater understanding of ethics that we must have.

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