The Creation of Dimensions

Before our universe was created, there was nothing and there was everything, because they were the same thing and there was no way to distinguish between everything and nothing. In a place of singularity, all time and space, and all energy and matter, exist together and simultaneously. In order to create something new and different, it was necessary to make something that was not part of everything but different from that somehow. A point of view had to be created where there is no time and no space, no energy and no matter.

Since that unique point of view was obviously a construct of fantasy, it was difficult to maintain the illusion and persistence was needed. The simplest way to add persistence is to keep changing something so it’s always different. The result is a new point that moves and the first dimension of time has been created. In order to keep changing the point and add even more persistence, it can be moved in another dimension and then another and another, creating space.

Eventually, the movement in many dimensions begins to create an illusion that can stand on it’s own even though the simple movement in many dimensions has not changed. The illusion of an object seems to be able to travel across the dimensions and energy has been created. When enough time and space and energy has been created, it becomes more complex, and more stable and matter has been created.

Crazy Circle Illusion!

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