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TF Skin

TF Skin

Tactile Feedback (TF) skin is more commonly known as “touchy-feely” skin. As nanotechnology based artificial skins became more sophisticated and thinner, two way tactile communications has become a basic feature. When nano responsive skins were first being developed, most of the early functions involved basic hygiene; specifically the breathing and moisture control needed for long usage times. Over time, repair and healing functions were added and eventually, the ability to modify the skin for special purposes, such as work gloves, boots, sensors, displays and others.

By linking sensory data with the appropriate remote operations authorization, a tremendous range of telepresence/projected reality opportunities have become possible, inluding very sophisticated avatars and the inherent social interactions. With small grained sensory nodes and a well designed interface, remote manipulation of objects with amplified dexterity can be accomplished. With an advanced skin and the needed extra function modules, TF skins can enable new levels of remote collaborative activities. Remote equipment operation is facilitated, remote medical procedures are enhanced, it becomes more practical to participate in virtual athletics and the satisfaction level of virtual sexual encounters have reported increases. A variety of entertainment options and projected reality experiences have been created that were not previously viable.

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