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Projected Reality

Projected Reality

We have become accustomed to the term, “virtual reality” and can understand (mostly through science-fiction) how it may have a profound future influence on our lives. Perhaps the term, “projected reality” is more apt. Or we can create several different categories.

Projected realities come in two primary forms:

  • Remote projected reality – an actual reality that is projected and can be experienced remotely
  • Virtual projected reality – an artificial reality that is projected and can be experienced remotely

There can also be hybrid types that blend and augment the different forms. It becomes rather irrelevant whether the reality is being experienced remotely or locally when different information types are being blended into a single experience. Some of the information may be local, some may be remote, and some may be artificial or augmented.

It’s safe to assume that most of our future communications and many of our life-experiences will contain hybrid reality forms. Caller ID is a simple and current example. We take a call on a telephone (a remote reality experience) and the caller ID feature shows us the phone number of the caller (an augmented reality experience). Eventually, the augmentation process can grow from simple caller ID to include much more background information, including local reality (projected) data from the callers location.

A smiley face injected into a text message or email is an extremely simple form of virtual reality. The smiley face can grow into fully developed avatar representations of ourselves that fill in whenever we don’t want to use our own presence at the moment.

Walking down the street, wearing glasses or contacts or projectors that augment what we are seeing with all kinds of information about what we are seeing, and simultaneously maintaining live communications with others, means there will be a constant jumble of hybrid realities in our lives. For that matter, the walk down the street could be a projected reality that is experienced remotely even though it is live and not artificial. Or it could be a blend of live and artificial reality.

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