Galactic ET-Net

Advanced civilizations will not be using the same technology that we use and just as ants might find it difficult to understand the internet, we struggle when trying to define advanced technology. Modulated waves of electromagnetic energy are not the only way to communicate.

In the Standard Model of physics, the force carriers are divided into gluons and bosons, which have small ranges limited to the nucleus of an atom, and photons and gravitons which have large and unlimited ranges. Electromagnetic communications uses photons. While the graviton remains a purely hypothetical component, using it for long range communications might make sense. Since we have not yet been able to detect or confirm gravitons, we could also be completely missing any gravitonic waves that have information encoded in them. We might be constantly awash in the waves of a galactic-scale network of intelligent and advanced civilizations that enables information sharing across many alien cultures, while the entire process is invisible to our monitoring efforts.

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Although Ferris has been thinking about interstellar networking since 1975, the emergence of the Internet spurred the notion of what he calls a ‘galactic central nervous system.’ Node connects to node and, potentially, to the nodes of other discovered civilizations, with an efficient network flow that means knowledge of other cultures spreads gradually and without the need for point-to-point contact between each of the discovered civilizations. Each node keeps and distributes the data it collects. In a 1999 essay called “Interstellar Spaceflight: Can We Travel to Other Stars?” Ferris mused on the consequences of such a network for what we see around us:

If there were any truth in this fancy, what would our galaxy look like? Well, we would find that interstellar voyages by starships of the Enterprise class would be rare, because most intelligent beings would prefer to explore the galaxy and to plumb its long history through the more efficient method of cruising the Net. When interstellar travel did occur, it would usually take the form of small, inconspicuous probes, designed to expand the network, quietly conduct research and seed infertile planets.

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