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Dimensionality Is Not Digital

Dimensionality Is Not Digital

Events in the “real” world take place in an analog fashion. That means they move and grow and change smoothly instead of in digital jumps. In order to understand them and manipulate our understanding more easily, we like to represent them with digits and whole number integers, but that is an incorrect semantic mapping and can cause problems.

We think of dimensions in a format of ordered integers, like one, two and three dimensions. That is convenient for mathematicians and physicists, but it is an abstraction, not the real world, which has no set co-ordinate scheme with axes and integer values. The co-ordinate system with its axes is an abstract map that allows us to manipulate ideas on it.

If dimensionality follows (or leads) the rest of the universe, it will progress as a smooth flow. This means we need to learn to think in terms of dimension 1.5 and 2.36 and 3.8175 and so on. This offers a description of dimensionality that is not “uniform” but varied according to “locality” and point of view. It also tends to lend itself to space dimensionality that is more contorted than “flat”. Modern physics seems to require a twisted and warped concept of space, often using more than three dimensions.

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