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1844 – Benz – bio

1844 – Benz – bio

Karl Benz was born in Muhlberg, Germany in 1844 under the name, Karl Friedrich Michael Vaillant. (Vaillant was his mothers last name and Benz his fathers) He is credited with building the first car in 1885. Benz studied locksmithing, locomotive engineering, and mechanical engineering. He helped launch a foundry and sheet metal workshop. He worked on a design for a two stroke engine that burned petrol, and eventually had a complete design for spark plug ignition from batteries, a radiator for cooling, a carburetor to mix fuel and air, and a clutch and gear transmission. Benz went on to design the first truck, the first “flat” engine with horizontally opposed cylinders, and many models of cars.

1206 – al-Jazari invented the crankshaft
1805 – Niepce brothers – first internal combustion engine

1884 – Butler built the first gasoline (petrol) engine and invented the spark plug, magneto, coil, and carburetor.
1892 – Diesel invented the first compression ignition engine.
1903 – Elling builds the first working gas turbine.

1954 – Wankel engine

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