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1564 – Galileo – bio

1564 – Galileo – bio

Galileo Galilei was born in Pisa, Italy in 1564. He was an astronomer, physicist, mathematician and philospher. Galileo made improvements to the newly invented telescope and then used it to discover and make observations of the moons around Jupiter and published his findings advocating the heliocentric ideas authored by Copernicus. Galileo taught at the University of Padua and is considered to be the “Father of modern science”.

Galileo did not agree with Kepler that the Moon caused tides on the Earth or that planetary orbits were eliptical instead of circular. Kepler was correct on both. Galileo invented the “thermoscope” to show changes in temperature, which was a forerunner of the thermometer. He assigned a problem dealing with pumps to his assistant, Torricelli, who discovered air pressure and invented the barometer as a result.

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