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1500 – Fontana/Tartaglia – bio

1500 – Fontana/Tartaglia – bio

Niccolo Fontana was born in Brescia, Italy around 1500 and became known as Tartaglia, which was a knickname meaning stammerer; the result of sabre wounds to his jaw. In 1537 he wrote Nova Scienta, which applied mathematical principles to the trajectories of cannonballs. This work later influenced Galileo. He produced both some of the earliest and most accurate Italian translations of the works of Euclid and Archimedes. He became involved in a complex controversy about who first discovered an algebraic solution to the cubic equation. Del Ferro has been credited with being the first, but Tartaglia was the first to make the solution public and then Cardano and his assistant Ferrari published the cubic equation, including additional proofs and also the solution to the quartic equation. Tartaglia also developed an early version of what is now widely known as Pascals triangle.

-0325 – Euclid
del Ferro

1501 – Cardano

1564 – Galileo
1811 – Galois

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