1925 – electron “spin”

The electron acts more like a rotating cloud of electromagnetic charge than like a particle. The rotation or angular momentum of the field is called “electron spin”. The credit for discovering electron spin has been given by history to Samuel Goudsmit and George Uhlenbeck in 1925. Ralph Kronig proposed the idea earlier in the year, but decided not to publish when Pauli and Heisenberg disputed it.

1873 – electromagnetic waves (Maxwell)
1891 – fundamental unit of electricity named “electron” by George Stoney
1896 – Zeeman effect – spectral lines
1897 – electron discovered (JJ Thomson)
1909 – electron charge (Milikan)
1922 – Stern-Gerlach experiment

1924 – wave particle duality
1926 – wave mechanics

1928 – Dirac equation
1932 – positron (Anderson)
1951 – Einstein-Podolksky-Rosen theory

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