New Release of Kali Linux

Kali Linux is a penetration testing framework that contains over 600 penetration testing tools. It is a Debian based toolkit built on the foundation created by BackTrack. Some of the better known tools include:

  • Wireshark – packet sniffer and protocol analysis
  • nmap – port scanner
  • john the ripper – password hash cracker
  • metasploit framework – an exploit delivery framework
  • aircrack – wireless penetration
  • Burp suite – web application testing
  • Hydra – password testing
  • Maltego – relationship network mapping

Kali 2.0 Teaser – Kali Sana!

Kali Linux 2.0 Released – []

Our Next Generation Penetration Testing Platform

We’re still buzzing and recovering from the Black Hat and DEF CON conferences where we finished presenting our new Kali Linux Dojo, which was a blast. With the help of a few good people, the Dojo rooms were set up ready for the masses – where many generated their very own Kali 2.0 ISOs for the first time. But the excitement doesn’t end for us just yet. With the end of the cons, we now find ourselves smack in the middle of the most significant release of Kali since 2013. Today is the day that Kali 2.0 is officially released.

So, what’s new in Kali 2.0? There’s a new 4.0 kernel, now based on Debian Jessie, improved hardware and wireless driver coverage, support for a variety of Desktop Environments (gnome, kde, xfce, mate, e17, lxde, i3wm), updated desktop environment and tools – and the list goes on. But these bulletpoint items are essentially a side effect of the real changes that have taken place in our development backend. Ready to hear the real news? Take a deep breath, it’s a long list.

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