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GPU Password Cracking

GPU Password Cracking

Using GPUs to aid in password cracking continues to become more effective in both speed and cost.

GPU Password Cracking – Bruteforceing a Windows Password Using a Graphic Card – [mytechencounters.wordpress.com]

GPGPU computing is getting lots of attention these days. GPGPU computing simply means doing general calculations on graphic cards (GPUs) rather than CPUs. Traditionally, GPUs were used only for getting graphical output, rendering frames in games and other purposes related to graphics. Lately, people started realizing that GPUs are far more efficient at handling highly parallel tasks and that there should be a way to code graphic cards. Though GPGPU computing is still at its infancy, a lot of progress has been made toward this direction. For example GPUs are used to speed up video conversion, video processing, doing scientific calculations, folding and password hash cracking.

The last one – password cracking looks very interesting and we are going to discuss about just that. Recently I came across a free password hash cracker called ighashgpu. This tool is developed by a guy called Ivan Golubev. It’s a command-line utility meaning, there is no GUI. Though allergic to command-line utilities, curiosity made me to meddle with the tool to see how fast my Radeon 5770 would crack passwords and the results are simply amazing.

New NVIDIA Tesla GPU Smashes World Record in Scientific Computation – [nvidia.com]

SANTA CLARA, CA — (Marketwire) — 05/17/2011 — NVIDIA today unveiled the Tesla™ M2090 GPU, the world’s fastest parallel processor for high performance computing. In addition, the Tesla M2090 GPU achieved the fastest-ever performance in a key measure of scientific computation.

Equipped with 512 CUDA® parallel processing cores, the Tesla M2090 GPU delivers 665 gigaflops of peak double-precision performance, enabling application acceleration by up to 10x compared to using a CPU alone.

In the latest version of AMBER 11, one of the most widely used applications for simulating behaviors of biomolecules, four Tesla M2090 GPUs coupled with four CPUs delivered record performance of 69 nanoseconds of simulation per day. The fastest AMBER performance recorded on a CPU-only supercomputer is 46 ns/day.(1)

High Performance Computing In Information Security – [blog.renderstream.com]

RenderStream has recently learned that one of our customers, David Kennedy, has been using our VDACTr8 12 TFLOP systems for an interesting application. David is the director of information security for a Fortune 1000 security company and a leading expert in the field of penetration testing (read responsible hacking).

RS: What are the computational bottlenecks in your field and how are you taking advantage of a 12 teraflop system?

DK: When using normal processing power and CPU’s, you generally can crack around 1 million per second whereas with the graphics system built [VDACTr8 supplied by RenderStream] we can crack over 25 billion per second. This effectively allows us to crack a 9 character password in minutes.

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