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DNA Ink Branding

DNA Ink Branding

From footballs to food to luxury goods, branding an item with ink that contains a specific DNA marker is becoming the latest technique to stop counterfeiters.

Plant DNA Helps Catch Criminals and Thwart Counterfeiters – [popsci.com]

Counterfeiters are skilled at making knockoffs of even the most high-end tech and luxury products. But one European luxury goods company has decided to fight back by putting plant DNA markers in its products to identify the real deal, the Toronto Sun reports.

The unnamed luxury goods company has enlisted the services of Applied DNA Sciences, based in Stony Brook, New York. Applied DNA whips up specially tailored plant DNA that can be used in fabrics, dyes or glues to make each product genetically unique. It then collects a fee for each authentication mark purchased, and also for providing an authentication service if a product’s veracity is in question.

“Printing” food with plant DNA to prevent counterfeiting – [homelandsecuritynewswire.net]

Branded foods from the waters off Japan are becoming popular in Asia; the growing popularity has lured counterfeiters into the market, where they sell common foods as the high-value brand, in the process destroying markets and reputation of the real item

Applied DNA Sciences (APDN) said that Japanese printing company Nissha Printing will use APDN technology to protect the brands of fish and other products which recently became victims of counterfeiting. The new printing system uses “DNA ink,” derived from plant DNA, to mark and authenticate labels on high-value fish and other food products.

applieddnasciences – [adnas.com]

DNA Authentication solutions for counterfeit protection, brand protection, and law enforcement

Applied DNA Sciences delivers counterfeit protection, brand authentication, combats product diversion, and offers its award-winning programs against cash-in-transit crimes, all using the proven forensic power of DNA. With impenetrable taggants, high-resolution DNA authentication, and comprehensive reporting, our botanical DNA-based technologies deliver the greatest levels of security, deterrence and legal recourse strength.

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