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US – Australia – Cyber Treaty

US – Australia – Cyber Treaty

U.S., Australia to add cyber realm to defense treaty – [reuters.com]

(Reuters) – The United States and Australia will take the rare step on Thursday of declaring the cyber realm as part of a mutual defense treaty, meaning that a cyber attack on one could lead to a response by both nations.

U.S.-Australia Ministerial Consultations 2011 Joint Statement on Cyberspace – [state.gov]

We recognize that cyberspace plays a growing role in ensuring national security. Mindful of our longstanding defense relationship and the 1951 Security Treaty between Australia, New Zealand, and the United States of America (ANZUS Treaty), our Governments share the view that, in the event of a cyber attack that threatens the territorial integrity, political independence or security of either of our nations, Australia and the United States would consult together and determine appropriate options to address the threat.

Canberra seals US pact on cyber wars – [smh.com.au]

Mr Smith said a ”substantial cyber attack” on either country would trigger the treaty in a response similar to that following the 2001 terror attacks on the US.

But he added: ”What we want to do is make sure that cyber space can be used peacefully by nations, can be used successfully by industry, but we’re talking here at a level that is much higher than, for example, people using the internet, using cyber space to steal commercial or state secrets. We’re talking about a significant attack upon the communications fabric of a nation.”

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