Security Compliance Inspections Can Be Fun

Doing computer security compliance inspections involves a lot of work and is always interesting. Javvad Malik presents his own take on compliance inspections and mistakes in response to a list of mistakes from Tripwire.

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We all learn from our mistakes as we progress through our careers. Tripwire have compiled a list of 25 mistakes infosec people have made and I’m adding my own.

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Javvad Malik is a well-seasoned information security consultant with well over a decades worth of experience in working with some of the largest company’s in the world, helping them to manage their information security risks with innovative and business focussed solutions.

As a blogger and video blogger, Javvad has his own distinctive style which takes a fresh and innovative look at security, presenting topics in an entertaining and informative light reaching out to both technical and non-technical audiences alike.

Today, Javvad’s work can be read and viewed on his blog, and has been published in ‘The Cloud Security Rules’, Hackin9 magazine, Security Middle East Magazine, as well as being a regular contributor to Infosec Island. In 2010 he was a finalist in the SC Magazine awards blogger of the year.

Javvad lives in London which he claims can only truly be appreciated when travelled by motorbike.

“Securing information isn’t the job of one person or a team. Everyone has a responsibility in both their personal and professional lives. My job is to help inform them so they can understand the role they need to play” – Javvad Malik

25 Infosec Gurus Admit to their Mistakes…and What They Learned from Them – []

We all make mistakes. But can we make mistakes when it comes to information security? If and when we do, should we even admit to them?

Making mistakes and learning from them is a part of life, even if it is in the area of information security. For this article, we were able to get 25 infosec gurus to admit to security blunders. Errors range from the purely technical to good ‘ole fashioned poor judgment. While the slip ups were all unwanted, they yielded great learning experiences. Read on and you too can learn from your colleagues’ failures.

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