Pentesting Sitcom

Fox Sitcom Will Depict Pen Testing Firm – []

Hollywood is taking another crack at hacker culture – this time with a decidedly contemporary twist: a sitcom that will depict the zany doings of a group of security geeks who work as corporate penetration testers.

The new show, breaking_in, is scheduled to debut on April 6 and will star Christian Slater (nooooooo!!!!) as the CEO of a private consulting firm that “breaks into companies before the criminals do.” Think of it like a cross between CSI and The Office plus some quirky t-shirts and laptops. (And, yeah, they’ve got a “Dwight”.)

Fox to air penetration-testing sitcom show – []

Penetration testing, the act of being hired to attack a corporation’s network infrastructure in order to reveal flaws before the bad guys find them, is the unlikely topic of a new sit-com from Fox called Breaking In.

Due to air in the US on the 6th of April, Breaking In follows the exploits of a security consultation firm led by Christian Slater – yes, you read that right – as it is hired to carry out penetration tests for client corporations.

If that doesn’t sound like a particularly good basis for a comedy show, look towards the success of Channel 4’s The IT Crowd – a show which can be summed up as ‘misanthropic pair of IT technicians fail to do their jobs at a faceless corporation’s headquarters.’

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