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Backdoor Meltdown

Backdoor Meltdown

If the NSA has managed to inject backdoor access into most U.S. produced technology, they can win a victory in the intelligence war, but we the citizens may find it necessary to abandon some of the use of American technology ourselves. If we can make our enemies afraid that we can access their computers and manipulate them into going backward to typewriters, we win a new kind of cold war. If China can convince us that we should not buy any technology made in China for the same reason, they win a round of economic warfare without having to use unfair trade practices.

We aren’t going back to tin-cans and string or typewriters or papyrus and quill pens. But we are going to see some re-evaluation of sourcing and buying considerations, both at the national intelligence level and inside our homes. Open source hardware is starting to come of age and with 3D printing enabling self manufacturing, it will explode. Open source software already has a high trust factor and that is likely to increase. Free software you can trust will become more desirable than expensive software you can’t trust, even when there is a functionality gap.

Your Computer May Already be Hacked – NSA Inside? – [steveblank.com]

In Russia, President Putin’s office just stopped using PC’s and switched to typewriters. What do they know what we don’t?

Perhaps it’s Intel NSA inside.

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