Attack vs Defense on an Organizational Scale

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  1. […] Attack vs Defense on an Organizational Scale – [] This paper describes a theoretical cyber attack and defense scenario between fictional organizations, using real techniques and tools for both attack and defense. The defenders will be framed as a typical network administration team responsible for the security of a large enterprise network, and using modern security standards. The fictional defending organization is a public hospital network presented as a federal government agency, known as the “Public Hospital Administration” or PHA for short. The PHA oversees the operation of public hospitals in most major cities in the U.S. They use modern information technology practices, including a nationwide network that ties all the hospitals together. Their systems are predominantly Microsoft Windows based. They have national gateways with massive firewalls, proxy servers, enterprise anti-virus software and some level of network intrusion detection capability. The PHA uses NIST SP 800-53 as the backbone of their computer security policy. […]

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