Alter data

One way that an attacker might use to disrupt an organization could be to alter data. This could either be done overtly or covertly, depending on the purpose: Overt data alteration – this could be designed either to force a reaction by the defenders or to discredit either the data or the defender organization Covert […]

Alter configurations

An attacker might also decide to alter system and device configurations in order to disrupt an organization. This could achieve a variety of goals: Small and subtle alterations could cause malfunctions that create loss of usefullness and overload support groups with problems that don’t have obvious solutions. Larger and more obvious alterations that cause serious […]

Denial of service

A Denial Of Service (DOS) attack is an attack designed to prevent some information resource from being used. This can include jamming up network pipes with traffic that slows down access, attacks that can shut down a device (computer, router, gateway…), attacks that change configuration parameters and many more. While the ideas are unlimited, most […]


It is also possible to disrupt an organizational by using cyber-warfare attacks in conjunction with conventional tactics like bribery, extortion and even torture. These classical criminal methods are perhaps most likely to be used to gain access to a system or data, but could also be applied to a variety of tactics designed to create […]