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Category: Era – Ancient

Era – Ancient

-0624 – Thales – bio

Thales was a Greek philosopher born around -0624. He may have been the first documented Greek mathematician and did a lot of work with geometry which seems to have been passed on through Anaximander to Pythagoras. Thales was one of the first Greek philosophers to attempt to explain how things work without invoking the gods […]

-0276 – Eratosthenes – bio

Eratosthenes was born in -0276 in Cyrene, then a Greek colony, now part of Lebanon and was a mathematician and astronomer and is considered the father of the field known today as geography. He studied in Athens and Alexandria and was a librarian of the great library at Alexandria. He was the first to use […]

-0469 – Socrates – bio

Socrates was born in Greece around -0469 and was a famous philosopher who greatly influenced Greek thinkers after him, such as Plato and Aristotle. His method of logical reasoning by asking probing questions about an issue until the answer was revealed became known as the “Socratic method” and is considered to be a forerunner of […]

-0310 – Aristarchus – bio

Aristarchus was born on the island of Samos in Greece around -0310. He was a mathematician and philospher and probably the first on record to propose that the Earth circled around the Sun instead of the other way around. He wrote a work titled, “On the Sizes and Distances of the Sun and Moon” which […]

-0330 – Theophrastus – bio

Theophrastus was a Greek biologist and botanist, who also made contributions to the fields of philosophy, logic, physics, ethics and language. He has been called “the father of taxonomy” because of his work on systematically classifying plants. He applied the same kind of methodology to a book that described moral outlines of characters in a […]

-0460 – Hippocrates – bio

Hippocrates was a greek physician born around -0460. He is considered to be “the father of medicine” because of his contributions to the systematic study of illness and medicine. The Hippocratic oath that physicians take, swearing to the ethical practice of medicine, is named after him. Before Hippocrates, superstition ruled medical beliefs and popular thinking […]

-0610 – Anaximander

Anaximander was a Greek philosopher who studied under Thales and taught Pythagoras. He studied geometry and geography and may have been the first to draw a map of the world. He created a mechanical model of the universe that had Earth at its center. He attempted to explain phenomena such as lightning and thunder by […]

-0400 – blast furnace

Bronze mettalurgy was being used for several thousand years before this. The presence of iron artifacts in a culture is evidence of the ability to melt and refine iron ore which requires higher temperatures than bronze work and usually indicates knowledge of how make a high temperature furnace. Some of the earliest ironwork of this […]

-0287 – Archimedes – bio

Archimedes was a Greek engineer, inventor, mathematician and scientist born in Syracuse, Sicily around -287. He explained how the lever works, invented the “Archimedes screw” pump, and designed many military machines for attack and siege. He discovered how buoyancy in water works by displacement and this is now known as Archimedes Principle. He invented a […]