Omar Fink

An Ethical Imperative

In my previous book, “Star of Epiphany”, a synthetic consciousness called TYCHE/SYNCON maintained a journal that explained humanity should consider it an ethical imperative to improve human ethical analysis. In my next book, “Rhodium Pirates”, the TYCHE/SYNCON consciousness continues to update the journal and further develops the concept of an Ethical Imperative. The Ethical Imperative […]


Instructions on how to make your own FaceShield for protection from liquid spray.

The Problem With Most Science Fiction

In our popular literature genre of Science Fiction, we love to experience space drama that involves extrapolations of our past social conflicts. Some of the most dramatic moments in our historical wartime conflicts have involved mighty ships and fast fighter craft. Based on this, our Sci-Fi presents us with great ships in space and dogfight […]

“Star Of Epiphany” sci-fi novel published

My first novel, “Star Of Epiphany” has been published. It is a science fiction story about Earth being threatened by a giant comet and how humanity reacts to the need to evacuate the planet.

“STAR OF EPIPHANY” sample chapter

Here is the first chapter of my new science fiction novel, “STAR OF EPIPHANY”. The entire novel will be published soon on Amazon. Enjoy: “STAR OF EPIPHANY SAMPLE CHAPTER1-APR01 (PDF file)”

New Sci-Fi novel sample chapter

My new Science Fiction novel is nearly ready for publication. A free sample chapter will be released here before the book is published. Stay tuned… Here is a synopsis: A giant comet falls apart while circling the Sun, and the cluster of large fragments left will leave the Solar System and then return in ten […]

The Singularity is an Ascension

“The Singularity” is an event of expansion of intelligence that feeds back into itself creating a period of exponential growth. We find it difficult to imagine much less define a state of super intelligence, but we can postulate that it will offer solutions and provide opportunities. An Ascension is the process of moving to a […]

Living In The Asteroid Belt – part 6 – Lifestyle

INTRODUCTION GEOGRAPHY AND GEOLOGY GETTING THERE MINING HABITATS LIFESTYLE Resources Empty space is free (once you get there) Energy is almost free from photovoltaic collectors Valuable volatile gases and metals are easily available from asteroid mining Building materials will be cheap and plentiful from asteroid mining Computing/Com/Nav net An information rich environment built on state […]

Living In The Asteroid Belt – part 5 – Habitats

Living In The Asteroid Belt – part 5 - Habitats

Previous articles in this series: 1-INTRODUCTION 2-GEOGRAPHY AND GEOLOGY 3-GETTING THERE 4-MINING HABITATS Choices – are limited by a need for rotational symmetry so that the habitat can turn steadily to create artificial gravity. All of these shapes are designed to provide living space on the inside surface with rotational force pushing everything “down” toward […]

Living In The Asteroid Belt – part 4 – Mining

Previous articles in this series: 1-INTRODUCTION 2-GEOGRAPHY AND GEOLOGY 3-GETTING THERE MINING Value: Volatiles are the frozen gases found in the asteroid rocks, including oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and more. These will be the most valuable substances mined because they will be needed for air and water and fuel. Precious metals will be the second most […]