Hacking Exposed – Wireless

The new second edition update to “Hacking Exposed – Wireless” has a companion web site that includes several extended versions of chapters.

Hacking Exposed Wireless 2nd Edition – [hackingexposedwireless.com]

Online Chapters

Wireless is a very complex topic, and some may want to dig even further into the WiFi and Bluetooth specifications while learning more about radio frequency technology behind all wireless. Supporting you, we’ve compiled expanded content covering how WiFi, Bluetooth and RF technology works, available for free download here. Enjoy!

* Introduction to 802.11 – Extended Web Edition
* Introduction to Bluetooth – Extended Web Edtion
* Understanding Radio Frequency

In addition, McGraw-Hill allowed us to make the first chapter from the book available for free online. You can download the entire chapter 1, “Hacking 802.11 Wireless Technology”, here.

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