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Low Energy Bluetooth Mesh Networks

Bluetooth is a short range wireless standard used to connect devices that are close to each other. Mesh networking allows many devices to connect to each other using multi-path delivery and ad hoc topologies. The new bluetooth mesh standard is expected to apply directly to the area known as “internet of things” (IOT) where it […]

Smart Wound Stitches Collect Data

The use of smart thread in wound sutures (stitches) allows them to wirelessly collect data that can help doctors diagnose the healing process. Researchers invent “smart” thread that collects diagnostic data when sutured into tissue – [tufts.edu] For the first time, researchers led by Tufts University engineers have integrated nano-scale sensors, electronics and microfluidics into […]

Smart Dust Has Arrived

Smart Dust has been an almost fictional idea of very small computing “motes” that can collect and report data. Like small particles of dust, these little computing sensor nodes could be used to collect information in a variety of applications. By simply injecting some smart dust into a flow of liquid or a tornado, a […]

Distributed Utilities

Distributed manufacturing is poised to change our world using 3D printing technology to manufacture objects locally. Our utility infrastructure can move in the same direction. Our basic needs are water, food, shelter, power, communications, and medical services. The basic utilities we consume most are water, electric power, communications networks. We are already seeing the beginning […]

WiFi on a Chip

Old fashioned “wireless” radios were entirely analog, before the age of digital electronics began. The form of wireless communication we know as “WiFi” depends upon many digital circuits but also still has some analog components. Intel is working on a WiFi circuit that is mostly digital. And a Singapore based research group is developing a […]

Smart Meter Issues

A smart meter is a digital metering device used to measure public utility electric power consumption. They typically report their information via a wireless link every fifteen minutes or so. This allows the utility company to collect metering information without using human meter readers to manually observe the meter and to gain a more accurate […]

The Bluetooth Dilemma

This article describes how criminals have begun to integrate bluetooth technology into card reader skimmers to make it more effective for them to collect stolen card information. Josh Wright is an expert on bluetooth and wireless security in general and is a Senior Instructor at the SANS Institute, where he authored (and often teaches) the […]

Hacking Exposed – Wireless

The new second edition update to “Hacking Exposed – Wireless” has a companion web site that includes several extended versions of chapters. Hacking Exposed Wireless 2nd Edition – [hackingexposedwireless.com] Online Chapters Wireless is a very complex topic, and some may want to dig even further into the WiFi and Bluetooth specifications while learning more about […]

Hacking Wireless Keyboards

Hacking Wireless Keyboards With Keykeriki – [securitytube.net] KeyKeriki is a hardware + software tool released by Remote Exploit to exploit wireless keyboards. You can download the theory slides from here. The details about the software and hardware requirements is available on their website. According to them: “Now 1.5 years after releasing our whitepaper “27Mhz Wireless […]

Body Sensors

Body sensors are small electronic sensors that may be implanted in the human body and can collect and relay information about the health state of the body to a computer, often using wireless signals. The amount of information that can be collected is growing and the types of information is highly varied. The information is […]