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Open Source Robotics Foundation

Willow Garage has announced the Open Source Robotics Foundation, a non-profit group with a mission of supporting research and development of robotics technology. One of their first major efforts will be to participate in the DARPA Robotics Challenge – [darpa.mil] Hardware, software, modeling and gaming developers sought to link with emergency response and science communities […]

Turtlebot Personal Robot

TurtleBot – [willowgarage.com] TurtleBot comes with the best low-cost hardware components to give you a capable, autonomous platform for developing robot applications. The iRobot Create, Kinect, netbook, and gyro are all integrated together to get the most out of each. Multiple mounting locations let you customize TurtleBot to your own needs. Introducing TurtleBot – [youtube.com] […]

Willow Garage Pool Shark

The guys at Willow Garage have been teaching their PR2 how to shoot pool. The PR2 Plays Pool – [willowgarage.com] With only a small team of developers and a week’s worth of development, the PR2 can now play pool! The “Poolshark” team started last Monday and began making shots on Friday. The PR2 won’t be […]

Texas Alpha Robots

Willow Garage produces open source software and hardware for personal robotic applications. In the course of their development efforts they found the need for telepresence collaboration and naturally looked to their robot resources. The result is their “Texas Robot” project. Think of a multimedia station, including display, camera, speaker, microphone and a variety of communication […]

Willow Garage Robot Navigates

Willow Garage Personal Robot 2 (PR2) has successfully passed a benchmark test that included not just navigating around an office space and plugging itself into power outlets, but also negotiating some planned obstacles. Milestone 2 Reached! Now You Can Watch It This particular run had our PR2 alpha robot navigate through eight doors, and plug […]

Willow Garage personal robotics

Willow Garage is a collaboration aimed at developing open source robotics. They produce both hardware and open source software for personal robotic applications. Willow Garage. An Unusual Name. An Unusual Company. We are a unique blend of a research lab, technology incubator and think tank. We call it a Garage. This name is an homage […]