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Space Elevator Climber Design

A space elevator is a long ribbon that extends into space and hangs in a state of equilibrium because the centrifugal force throwing the top half of the ribbon out into space balances the force of gravity trying to drag the bottom half down. The elevator becomes functional when a climber car uses the ribbon […]

Synthetic Gravity in Space Habitats

Human bodies have evolved inside a gravitational field that provides a constant downward pressure as long as we stand on the surface of the planet. Healthy operation of the body depends on this state. In the zero-gravity environment of space, we will need to synthetically reproduce this condition. The term, “centrifugal force” describes the inertial […]

Private Industry is Driving Space Exploration

Space exploration was once the exclusive domain of national programs with strong connections to military objectives and resources. While those programs still exist in many nations, the front edge of exploration is being taken over and driven by private industry. Currently, their primary missions are the development of lift propulsion devices and re-usable craft to […]

Space Habi-Craft

Space Habi-Craft

[artist conception from deepspaceindustries.com] The drawing above shows how a habitat-craft wheel can be built using materials extracted from an asteroid. The most likely configuration for both space dwellings and space craft is a rotating wheel. The rotation of the wheel provides an outward force that replaces gravity, which is essential for long term health. […]

-5,000 – wheel and axle

Prior to the wheel, heavy loads could be moved by dragging sleds and the sleds could be moved with more ease if rollers were placed beneath the sleds. At some point the rollers evolved into wheels that were attached to axles which were fixed to the wheels and turned with them. Eventually, the fixed wheel […]