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Harvesting Electricity from Normal Movement

The simplest example of the “triboelectric effect” is rubbing a balloon against hair or scuffing shoes across a carpet to produce static electricity. When this is combined with induction, it becomes possible to harvest electric power using charge transfer between two thin films that have different tribo-electric polarities. As we learn to integrate this process […]

Language Translating Earpiece

This earpiece, being developed by Waverly Labs has the ability to connect users via a smartphone and translate both email and the spoken word from one language into another in real time. It also enables other functions, such as note taking, reminders, and scheduling. Can You Hear Me in French? – [youtube.com] WAVERLYLABS – [waverlylabs.com]

IOT Will Change the Way We Live

The Internet Of Things (IOT) is a term that describes connectivity becoming embedded into everyday objects. Our “old” internet was a network of computers. But as computing objects become smaller and more mobile, this is changing. Smartphones have extended internet connectivity to where ever we happen to be at the moment. Small computing chips and […]

Intel Quark Chips are for Wearables and Things

Intel announces a new line of tiny chips that are one fifth the size of the Atom chip and use one tenth of the power. They hope these ultra small chips will be used in wearable devices and other integrated electronics. Intel Announces Quark Chip: Reactions & Responses from #IDF13 – [intel.com] How This Tiny […]

Portable Piezo Power

Rechargeable batteries have changed our lives. Batteries that constantly recharge themselves will change things more. It is the ability to collect ambient vibrations and convert the energy into electricity that makes this possible. Piezo-electric materials produce electricity from pressure or stress. Micropower generators are small devices that use piezo-electric materials to collect current produced by […]