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Freeman Dyson has proposed a Von Neumann probe (self replicating) that is a hybrid of mechanical and biological components (cyborg) designed to find propulsion fuel, maintain itself, reconfigure itself as needed and eventually produce copies of itself in it’s mission to explore outer space. It would only weigh one kilogram and use solar energy from […]

1924 – Mandelbrot – bio

Benoit Mandlebrot was born in Poland in 1924 and is known as the “father of fractals”. He is a mathematician who has a reputation for establishing fractal geometry as a mainstream field. He created the term, “fractal” and has applied his ideas to fields such as; economics, fluid dynamics, and cosmology. “Clouds are not spheres, […]

1906 – Godel – bio

Kurt Godel was born in Austria-Hungary in 1906. He was a mathematician and philosopher and was the most influential logician of his time. Godel is best known for his incompleteness theorems, proved in 1931, that demonstrate inherent limitations in symbolic systems. PRECURSOR: Goethe 1642 – Newton Kant 1646 – Leibniz 1862 – Hilbert CONCURRENT: 1861 […]