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1663 – friction electric generator

In 1663, Otto von Guericke invented the first known generator that produced electricity through friction by rubbing a pad against a large ball of sulphur. PRECURSOR: -0624 – Thales 1269 – Epistola de Magnete – Peregrinus 1600 – de Magnete – Gilbert SUBSEQUENT: 1737 – Galvani (born) 1745 – Volta 1746 – Leyden jar 1752 […]

1623 – Pascal – bio

1623 - Pascal - bio

Blaise Pascal was born in 1623 in Clermont, France. He is mostly known as being an outstanding mathematician, but also was a physicist and philosopher. He made significant contributions to the areas of conic sections and projective geometry. Pascal’s triangle is a number matrix in the shape of a triangle with the numbers staggered so […]

1746 – Leyden jar

A leyden jar is a device that stores static electricity in a glass jar with some kind of conductor/electrode inside the jar to store the charge and some kind of electrode outside the jar to enable charging and discharge. A simple form of the leyden jar is often constructed with a piece of folded tin […]

1650 – vacuum pump

In 1650, Otto von Guericke of Germany, invented the first known vacuum pump.