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Malware Evolution

This thoroughly researched paper by Dave Dittrich at the University of Washington, reflects on how malware and cyber criminals have evolved their techniques and activites over recent years. Hybrid combinations of penetration methods make it more difficult to defend against the malware and good use of social engineering increases the success percentage. Nugache in fact […]

Viruses That Build

It is becoming possible to genetically engineer viruses to accomplish some kind of healing or rebuilding or even contstruction-like task. A Virus That Rebuilds Damaged Nerves Viruses that mimic supportive nerve tissue may someday help regenerate injured spinal cords. While other tissue-engineering materials must be synthesized and shaped in the lab, genetically engineered viruses have […]

Magnetic Resonance Force Microscopy

MRFM (Magnetic Resonance Force Microscopy) is similar to MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) but with resolutions that are one hundred million times better. It offers three dimensional imaging of live biological samples at the extreme limits of microscopy. Researchers at IBM developing this technology have been able to create a 3D image of a virus. A […]