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Emotional Awareness

Reading emotional and other states in human beings may become commonplace for automated devices. Interacting with a system that seems to “understand” your mood may make it easier to communicate well with the system, just as having a friend who shows some empathy can be helpful. It could make it possible for virtual reality systems […]

Oblong G-Speak

The link below includes a video demonstration of gesture based computer interface technology that is similar to the fictional interface shown in “Minority Report”. Oblong G-Speak The SOE’s combination of gestural i/o, recombinant networking, and real-world pixels brings the first major step in computer interface since 1984; starting today, g-speak will fundamentally change the way […]


tinmith AR system Tinmith is a project of the Wearable Computer Lab at the University of South Australia. The project does research into “mobile outdoor augmented reality”. This means wearing a backpack computer and HUD style headset that can overlay data and graphical information into the headset display while you are walking around outdoors, as […]

Cross reality

MIT’s Media Lab has a team working on integrating real world data into virtual worlds. The project uses the Second Life virtual world from Linden Labs to extend perception across the virtual interface and back into the real world. A Realer Virtual World According to Paradiso’s plan, anyone in the building wearing a small electronic […]