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1854 – mercury vacuum pump

In 1854, Heinrich Geissler invented the mercury displacement vacuum pump, which led to high quality vacuum tubes, which in turn led to the invention of the transistor. PRECURSOR: -0460 – Democritus 1206 – suction pump 1643 – barometer 1650 – vacuum pump SUBSEQUENT: 1855 – vacuum tube 1875 – Crookes’ tube 1897 – electron discovered […]

1875 – Crookes’ tube

English physicist William Crookes expanded on the vacuum tube research done by Geissler, Plucker and Hittorf and created a tube with a greater vacuum that became the new standard. In 1876 Eugen Goldstein called the display inside the tube, “cathode rays” and the tubes became known as cathode ray tubes, which was eventually abbreviated to […]

1855 – vacuum tube

Heinrich Geissler and Julius Plucker use Geisslers new mercury vacuum pump to evacuate the atomosphere inside a glass tube. Plucker, a young professor at the University of Bonn, discovered that a glowing stream could be produced when electricity was passed through electrodes embedded in the glass tubes and that the stream responded to a magnet. […]

1947 – transistor

In 1947, John Bardeen, Walter Brattain and William Shockley led a team at Bell Labs that produced a semiconducter amplifier device that is now known as the transistor. While patents were filed in 1925 by Julius Lilienfeld and in 1934 by Oscar Heil for “field effect transistors”, historical credit for the transistor has gone to […]