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UAV Warfare

Reconfiguring hobby drones for military intelligence gathering is the mission of the Aerorozvidka (air reconnaissance) project in Ukraine. Their opposition uses Russian made equipment for the same purpose and has managed at times to track and take out the Ukrainian ground control stations. Коригування з коптера ПТУРа в районі термінала – [] In Ukraine, Tomorrow’s […]

Robotic Bird UAV

The “Maveric” is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) that weighs 2.5 pounds, can be launched by hand, flies for an hour on a fully charged battery, and looks like a bird from the ground below. It can be flown by joystick or in autonomous mode, has bendable composite material wings and can carry a variety […]

Distributed Flight Array (copter group)

The Distributed Flight Array: Summary – [] The Distributed Flight Array is a modular robotic vehicle consisting of multiple autonomous single-rotor units that are able to drive, dock with its peers, and coordinate with one another in order to drive and fly together. For more information, visit: – [] SEE ALSO: Quadcopters Play Catch […]

UAV/Drones Tending Crops

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), aka drones, are being used to monitor agricultural crops and larger drones can deliver water, fertilizer and pesticides with precision. They tend to be more cost effective than conventional crop spraying aircraft with pilots. VIDEO – Using cutting-edge technology to improve farming – unmanned aerial vehicles – [] Unmanned aerial vehicle […]

Ultralight, Remote-controlled Robotic Dragonfly

Festo – BionicOpter – [] With the BionicOpter, Festo has technically mastered the highly complex flight characteristics of the dragonfly. Just like its model in nature, this ultralight flying object can fly in all directions, hover in mid-air and glide without beating its wings. BionicOpter – Inspired by dragonfly flight – [] Thirteen degrees of […]

Quadcopters Play Catch

Mathematical models can fly aircraft under perfect conditions, but when there are deviations that need corrections, it gets a lot more tricky. In this case, learning algorithms were used to compensate when reality didn’t exactly match the predicted action. The results are pretty amazing! Video: Throwing and catching an inverted pendulum – with quadrocopters – […]

Networks of Drones

A network of cheap, standardized drones and landing pads could collaborate to provide a short distance delivery service. DRONENET The next BIG thing – [] Here’s a simplified version of what I’m talking about: I put package onto a landing pad at my home. Drone arrives, takes package and flies away. Drone delivers package to […]

UAV Flies Around Inside Garage Without GPS

MIT has developed a 2 meter wingspan fixed wing light aircraft that uses new autonomous flight control algorithms to navigate obstacles in an indoor garage using its own sensors and no GPS data. Autonomous robotic plane flies indoors – [] New algorithms allow an autonomous robotic plane to dodge obstacles in a subterranean parking garage, […]

DHS Drone Hacked by Univ Texas

Our GPS satellite system puts out two sets of signals; one for our military, which is encrypted and highly accurate, and another signal for civilian use, which is not encrypted and is less accurate. Most domestic drones are currently using the unencrypted civilian signal set, which leaves them vulnerable to fairly simple spoofing attacks. By […]

Botnets Attack from the Sky

It’s now become fairly easy and cheap to make an autonomous flying model drone. Telemetry that relays information collected by a drone back to the ground has been demonstrated. Wireless hacking from equipment mounted on a flying drone has been demonstrated. Flying drones are becoming smaller, cheaper and more automated. Flying model aircraft have been […]