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Turing – Consciousness – Ethics

Once an agreed upon standard for extra-human consciousness is established, rights and responsibilities associated with citizenship will be put into legal form. That agreed upon standard will far exceed the Turing test and will take some effort to reach. A consciousness that does not articulate itself, or is not understood, will be particularly difficult to […]

1912 – Turing – bio

Alan Turing was born in London, England in 1912 and was a mathematician and one of the first computer scientists. He did work on probability theory, number theory and cryptography, but is best known for creating the concept of a computer, which became called, the “Turing Machine”. While Babbage had designed a mechanical “analytical engine”, […]


The debate rages about whether or not Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be friendly to humans. Some think that AI will, by it’s nature, be friendly to us and others disagree, afraid that it could be malevolent and aggressive, threatening to wipe out humanity. Preceding widespread discussion of AI, the same kind of debate was held […]

Anytime Universal Intelligence

The Turing test has been used as a standard for measuring artificial intelligence by comparing it to human conversational characteristics. Soon, we will need to move beyond that standard and measure intelligence by itself. Two researchers are working on a mathematical model to accomplish that. On the hunt for universal intelligence – [physorg.com] How do […]

Turing Test

The Turing Test is a standard set to determine the ability of a machine to demonstrate human-like intelligence. Alan Turing, a mathematician, cryptographer and one of the earliest computer scientists, wrote a paper in 1950 called “Computing Machinery and Intelligence” which described the test as a conversational comparison where an observer attempts to determine whether […]