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Fermi Paradox

If our Solar System and planet Earth are typical of the universe, then considering how many galaxies and how many stars there are, the place should be teeming with intelligent life. (see the link to the Drake Equation below that discusses this) The Fermi Paradox is that in spite of this logical reasoning that there […]

Beyond Turing

The historical standard for testing AIs for intelligence has been the Turing Test. But it can be argued that the Turing test only confirms a mimicry of human conversation and is not true intelligence. Other standards for strong (or general AI) include reasoning and learning ability. Like conversation, these factors can be established by supplying […]

Strong AI

“Strong AI” is also known as “General AI” and refers to Artifical Intelligence that meets or exceeds human intelligence as opposed to AI that is designed for a smaller or specific purpose. It is generally assumed that this will include: Communication ability Knowledge representation Reasoning ability Learning ability Ability to integrate all of these The […]