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Trusting Robots

The article below points out that trust will be earned over time. This trust will come not from the physical appearance of the object being interacted with, but by the intelligence of the software creating the interaction. The more human-like the software interaction is, the more room there is to build trust. How Robots Will […]

Cyber Coins Can Replace All Currency Forms

Cyber currency is a form of money that is based on a cybernetic journalling system. Most current forms of currency are no longer based on something like a rare and valuable metal (gold or silver), but the trust that the national economy underlying the currency is solid and reliable. We need to have the confidence […]

Software Based Synthetic Knowledge

Software based calculators, spreadsheets, databases, word processors and presentation managers have been augmenting our own ability to process information for years. Over time, they have added math functions, spell checking and animation features to make them more effective. Newer software is developing the ability to process and analyze voice and video streams at ever increasing […]

AI Trust Issues

It will take time for humans to learn to trust AIs Trusting an AI (Artificial Intelligence) is not any different than trusting a human. It is normal to be wary of the unknown and wary of trusting something that you don’t understand. But, as understanding and familiarity grow, so can trust. Trust is generally developed […]

Ethical Advisors

AI agents that can act as ethical advisors to humans will be possible soon. Once we have successfully coded ethics into a logic scheme that can be translated into programming code and the agents go through a sufficient learning curve, they will be capable of offering advice on ethical decisions. EA (Ethical Advisor) agents will […]

Trust and Transparency for Intelligent Agents

The following link is to an excellent post on dealing with trust issues with automated agents. Trust and Transparency for Intelligent Agents Here is a small excerpt: You might be surprised by how many purchasing decisions robots already make. Black-box trading systems on Wall Street and across the financial markets accounted for over 1/3 of […]

General recon

General reconnaissance includes all the conventional means of collecting information that are not included in the other recon techniques: Public record research – most of this type of research used to be done in a library but now can be done online. Any company that is publicly traded on a stock exchange is required to […]