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Neptune’s “Trojan” Asteroids

Some asteroids that share the orbit of a larger body, such as a planet, without interfering with it, are known as “Trojans”. Lagrange points are orbital positions found near two objects, that allow a third object to remain in a balanced and stable position. There are two clusters of asteroids that have accumulated near Lagrange […]


A trojan horse backdoor called “Zeus” is being used by a botnet named “Kneber” by researchers. This botnet has been operational for over a year and has compromised many organizations and collected a vast amount of data that was intended to be confidential. Hackers Mount New Strike – [wsj.com] Hackers in Europe and China successfully […]

Malware Evolution

This thoroughly researched paper by Dave Dittrich at the University of Washington, reflects on how malware and cyber criminals have evolved their techniques and activites over recent years. Hybrid combinations of penetration methods make it more difficult to defend against the malware and good use of social engineering increases the success percentage. Nugache in fact […]

NIST Expects Ripples from Hack of monster.com

NIST expects that the intruders who recently stole information from monster.com will attempt to use that data in other attacks. Federal Employees At Risk Again From Monster.com Compromise – [nist.org] It’s happened once before, hackers breaking in to Monster.com and stealing job hunter’s data. The last time that it happened (August 1997) there was a […]