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Virtual Tourism by Drone

The growing use of video recording from flying drones is opening up a new area of virtual tourism. Many drone produced videos have been posted online and now there are meta-sites which allow us to search and watch the videos based on location. In several cases the sites are linked to google maps and let […]

Grasshopper Rocket Flies Then Lands

The “Grasshopper” rocket from SpaceX is a ten story tall re-useable rocket designed to take off vertically and then land vertically in a reverse of the take-off maneuver. This video was shot from a hexacopter hovering near the trajectory. Grasshopper 744m Test | Single Camera (Hexacopter) [youtube.com] On Monday, October 7th, Grasshopper completed its highest […]

Stepping Stones to Space

The goal of space colonization is to colonize space, not to climb out of the gravity well of our planet only to climb back down into the gravity well of another planet and start building there. The goal is to learn to live in space and the future of space colonization will be directed toward […]


Wikitude is a travel guide smartphone application for the android platform that keeps track of your current location by GPS and links it to search results about the location. The results can be presented in a variety of forms including dots on a map with information bubbles or a camera view that superimposes information over […]