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Living In The Asteroid Belt – part 4 – Mining

Previous articles in this series: 1-INTRODUCTION 2-GEOGRAPHY AND GEOLOGY 3-GETTING THERE MINING Value: Volatiles are the frozen gases found in the asteroid rocks, including oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and more. These will be the most valuable substances mined because they will be needed for air and water and fuel. Precious metals will be the second most […]

The Advent of the Mobile Lounge

As self driving cars become more commonplace, our emphasis will change from driving experience to riding experience. If the vehicle can get us where we want to go safely and efficiently, we’ll begin to think more about how we travel. We can do more and more things without leaving home. That’s a good thing because […]

-5,000 – wheel and axle

Prior to the wheel, heavy loads could be moved by dragging sleds and the sleds could be moved with more ease if rollers were placed beneath the sleds. At some point the rollers evolved into wheels that were attached to axles which were fixed to the wheels and turned with them. Eventually, the fixed wheel […]