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Skylon Spaceplane

The Skylon spaceplane design has the ability to take off as an airplane and reach orbit as a rocket driven craft. The engines use oxygen from the air while the plane is climbing through the atmosphere, then switch to liquid oxygen from a fuel tank as it moves into space. Skylon spaceplane gathers momentum – […]

Economics in Space

Before attempting to predict how commerce will occur in space or how government will be designed to regulate it, it is important to understand how the basic economic factors will be changed. Comparison of Economic Elements On Earth ELEMENT In Space free AIR expensive cheap WATER expensive moderate FOOD moderate expensive ENERGY cheap expensive TERRITORY […]

Space Transport

In space, the dividing line between what is considered to be a habitat and what is considered to be a vehicle will become hazy. Large habitat-like structures can be put into orbits that offer transport from one place to another and from one orbit to another. A habitat placed in an orbit that goes from […]

Mining Asteroids

Instead of trying to send supply ships up the gravitational well from Earth to supply colonies in space, it is more sensible to find the supplies out in flat space. It is possible to extract precious metals and valuable minerals and elements from asteroids in the asteroid belt. How it will be done is open […]