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Homesteading in the Asteroid Belt

Soon, there will be opportunities to move out into the asteroid belt and begin a new life there. Just as pioneers migrated across America, building homesteads and establishing a new beachhead of civilization, so will a new wave of pioneers build homesteads in the empty space of the asteroid belt. GROUP Assembling a group begins […]

Neural Networks

A biological neural network is a collection of connected neurons that offer some function as a nervous system or brain. But the term “neural network” usually refers to a software logic array that attempts to mimic some part of the design or function of a biological network. In the biological form, there are neuron cells […]

Contingency Plan

Contingency Plan

Policy Identify statutory or regulatory requirements Create a policy statement Get the policy statement approved Publish the policy statement Key elements of policy Roles and responsibilities Scope Resources required Training required Testing and exercises schedule Maintenance schedule Backup and storage schedule Business Impact Assessment (BIA) The BIA is a critical piece of the CP that […]