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The Future of Jobs is Half-full

It has become clear that automation is going to replace many old jobs. But the ramifications of that change is an old issue, going back at least to the Luddites, who destroyed machines that they thought were disrupting their working environment. As robots and automation replace old jobs, they create new technologies and new wealth […]

Vector Analysis of Ethics

Ethical analysis requires some form of establishing values for properties of the components of an ethical scenario and comparing them to determine the best pathway through the options. Using vectors to represent ethical components should be helpful. A vector has a directional factor and a magnitude factor. In many vectors, the magnitude factor shows distance […]

timeline of time measurement

-3500 – sundials used in Egypt -2000 – base sixty used in Sumer for time measurements -1500 – water drip clocks used in Babylon and Egypt 0500 – candle clocks used in China and Japan 0700 – hourglass (a sand based variation of drip clock) used in Europe 1000 – weight driven clock 1136 – […]

Ethics of Time Use

Since time is one of our most valuable resources, considering how we can most wisely use our time is an important ethical consideration. In current culture, we tend to divide our time into several main categories: Sleep – we need an adequate amount of sleep in order to function well, but how much and what […]

1000 – weight driven clock

Prior to this date, many large water driven clocks were using gearing techniques to maintain their accuracy. These were documented in Spain and China and possibly other locations. At some point in the eleventh century, arabic engineers switched over to using weights to drive the geared clock mechanisms.